Beta testers are in, signups by invitation only

Signups for our Refinder for Teams are now by invitation only. We have received tons of valuable feedback from our current users. While we work on the feedback received, you can still register and try Refinder Cloud Search. 

The Refinder Cloud Search API

Refinder Cloud Search Logo

Today, I'm happy to introduce another fine piece of Refinder technology, which allows any developer to easily add cloud search functionality to his applications: the Refinder Cloud Search API.  

Webinar: Teamwork with Refinder and Dropbox

Live Webinar: 5.6.2012, 15:00 (Berlin Time)

"Teamwork with Refinder and Dropbox"
with Chris Brand

Are you using Dropbox within your team? Would you like to learn how to connect Refinder to Dropbox to search your files and share with team members?  Join this webinar to learn all this and more.

About "cloud productivity"

While Leo and Bernhard attended the Nextberlin conference, they tweeted about Refinder using the term "cloud productivity". What did they mean? I want to give it my interpretation:

Refinder pitch @ the INiTS/SpeedInvest Investors Day

The Austrian startup scene is composed of a vibrant and colorful crowd of talent. This got once again quite apparent at yesterdays Investors Day, a joint event of INiTS and SpeedInvest at the Deloitte headquarters in Vienna.

Refinder deployment options

As you may know, straight from its beginnings Refinder has been designed as Software-as-a-Service. This means that the software runs, and the user data are stored, on servers managed and operated by Gnowsis. To use Refinder, you just fire up a Web browser, go to, enter your email address and password, and there you go.

What's next in Refinder

A couple of days ago, Franz asked his crystal ball (which, I sometimes suspect, rather looks like this) for predications about how social business will evolve in 2012. I'd like to follow up on that with a short outlook on what the Refinder development team is currently working on, and what we plan to release in the next few months to you, beloved customer.

How we used Refinder for the redesign of Refinder

Designing a website typically involves a diverse set of stakeholders. The process between kick-off and launch is heavy on tasks like ideation, analysis, communication, opinion forming, discussion and decision making. We went through this process while redesigning the Refinder application. But on top, we used Refinder as the collaborative environment and communication platform to support the Refinder redesign project.

apps for science

Elsevier, der führende Anbieter von Informationen aus Wissenschaft, Technologie, und Medizin, hat die Gewinner des "Apps for Science" Wettbewerbs bekanntgegeben. Dies ist ein internationaler Wettbewerb, in dem Software-Entwickler gefragt waren, Anwendungen einzureichen, die die Informationssuche für Wissenschafter verbessern. Wir haben mitgemacht und mit der Refinder SciVerse Anwendung den zweiten Platz und 10.000 USD gewonnen!

apps for science

Elsevier, the world-leading provider of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services, today announced the winners of the "Apps for Science" challenge, an international competition challenging software developers to create customized applications that can enhance information search and discovery for researchers. We took part in this challenge and the Refinder-SciVerse application won the second price and USD 10.000! 

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