About the "open outcomes" approach in social business software

Last week, at the INiTs Investors Day, one of the participants approached me. He told me, that he had liked the Refinder presentation, however, he had missed a slide featuring the particular use-case, that Refinder addresses.  In the flurry of the networking chit-chat we were not able to discuss the question in depth, therefore I pick up the question here and hand in my point-of-view.

Gnowsis offers investment opportunity

Gnowsis is currently offering investment opportunities into Refinder, the personal semantic assistant. 

After the first business angel investment, negotiations for a further seed and business angel round for the financial period 2011 - 2012 are in progress. The technology has been developed and tested within a EUR 16 mio EU project, current research and development activities are supported by Austrian research funds and programs. First sales partners in the U.S. are already aquired. 

Gnowsis rocks at Seedlounge crowdfunding event in Munich

On Wednesday, January 26th 2011, Gnowsis was one of the 6 start-ups pitching at the crowdfunding event Seedlounge in Munich. 


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