Collect to organize, search as last resort

As unique as each person is, so is each personal library. People organize information they need on a daily basis in what could be called a "personal library". Studies about personal search engines showed, that such a personal library is not only for storing, but also for organizing your daily work. If your library is well structured, you get an overview on your projects and current tasks. This is why structure is needed to organize the collected information, and a search engine to dig through a pile is not enough.

Remember this Year: Appreciating what Happened

This Friday, Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus. In Austria, where our offices are, Christmas time is also a time of peace and reflection. Soon, the year will end and a new year starts. The holidays between Christmas and New Year are a perfect moment to reflect about the last year, appreciate what happened, and plan for the next. Here are some tips how to look back, clean up, and make it a habit.

How Does Gnowsis Relate to NEPOMUK and Others?

We are close to releasing a Beta-Version of our software Cluug, about which you will read more in future blogposts. While we at Gnowsis are busy making this happen, there is time to compare Gnowsis with others and explain what we do differently and why.


To sum it up: Cluug is a semantic personal information management system developed by Gnowsis which runs as a cloud service. The ancestors and siblings differ in one or another point. This blog posts compares Cluug with the stuff done in the past.

It's about time: leave your box, follow the links

How many web accounts do you own? Do you use a public email service like GMail or Yahoo? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Did you ever notice that you are dealing with the same projects, people, and topics in all these applications?

21 Files towards efficiency

Trust me, I am a computer scientist. And I can share great news with you: you will perform much faster if you keep up to 21 files in a folder, not more. Keeping up to 21 files in a folder will do the following:

Why I see the Semantic Desktop and PIM as visionary

Why did I tag this blog post series as visionary?

Welcome to Visionary Blog Posts by Leo

Welcome to a series of blog posts shining light on our product Cluug and its main feature - semantic personal information management. I aim to write a short weekly post, you can follow them by subscribing to the RSS feed of "visionary". I will cover information science, Cluug product development at Gnowsis, philosophy, and a bit history.

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