Webinar: Teamwork with Refinder and Dropbox

Live Webinar: 5.6.2012, 15:00 (Berlin Time)

"Teamwork with Refinder and Dropbox"
with Chris Brand

Are you using Dropbox within your team? Would you like to learn how to connect Refinder to Dropbox to search your files and share with team members?  Join this webinar to learn all this and more.

About "cloud productivity"

While Leo and Bernhard attended the Nextberlin conference, they tweeted about Refinder using the term "cloud productivity". What did they mean? I want to give it my interpretation:

Media management with Refinder and Dropbox

In previous posts we told you about the interaction between Refinder and Dropbox. In short: once you connect a Dropbox folder with Refinder, all your Dropbox files become Things in a collection of your choice. From here, you can share, link and comment them. Beyond that, you can not only search for Dropbox files, but even search within your Dropbox files through the Refinder search functionality. 

But what about non-textual files, like images?

Dropbox feature added for Refinder

Dear users of Refinder,

we are very excited to announce to you the release of our newest feature: Refinder is now finally able to integrate your Dropbox account into your Refinder account.

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