Refinder at Berlin Web Week and NEXT Berlin

We were in Berlin to connect to more people interested in Refinder. It was a blast, BerlinWebWeek is the overarching label across the great conferences re:publica, NEXTBerlin, and Heureka. Whoever is online in Europe was there.

Leo Sauermann from Refinder will be present at the "Konferenz Agenda Wissen" this week in Vienna, Austria. We will talk about Personal Information Management and how it changes through cloud services. 

Manfred Kofranek will host a discussion about Personal Information Management on Thursday, where Leo will talk with Elke Ziegler from science.orf.at and the writer Julia Rabinowich.

Meet Refinder at the SmartWeb.Vienna Conference on 24.5.2012

There is a new generation of smarter products and services available. Smart Web Vienna is raising public awareness and presents innovative solutions to interested companies in workshops and a one-day summit on Thursday, 24.5.2012.

Do you use Dropbox or Google Docs to share data in your team? You will be able to meet Leo Sauermann and Chris Brand from Refinder, who will be happy to work with you on the way you use cloud applications in your team. We will also give a talk about Refinder in the afternoon.

We are pitching at NEXT Berlin!

We are one of the twelve finalists for the NEXT Startup Event! 

As announced before, we wanted to present your favorite cloud search tool Refinder at the NEXT Berlin conference, to be the NEXT rocking startup.

Meet Refinder at the NEXT Berlin Conference 8-9th May

NEXT Berlin logo

The Refinder team will be at the NEXT Berlin conference to spread the word about Refinder and to get feedback from the web community. The NEXT Berlin is the leading European conference for the digital industry. 

Refinder at the CeBIT: March 9, 2012

Meet Refinder at the CeBIT 2012 this friday. Leo Sauermann will present how Refinder can be used to search cloud apps and reduce emails. Part of the demo will be the beautiful activity stream which users can search and filter.

Email must die! This is an event on social software and new it-methods to get rid of the email overflow in enterprises. Organized by Club IT, the rest of the message in German.

THESEUS research programm congress 13-15.2.2012 in Berlin

The German THESEUS Research Program is a running scientific and industry consortium to develop technologies for the Internet of Services. The broad spectrum of high-quality services ranges from innovative search applications for the digital library to modern service offers such as Cloud Computing. 

This week, the International Semantic Web Conference is taking place in Bonn, Germany. As Refinder is a social software build up on the idea of a semantic platform, we are glad to have the opportunity giving a talk at ISWC's "Industry Track".

Enterprise Social Software meets Semantic Web

Enterprise Social Software tools bring a new approach into the daily business. Sharing information became the key to industrial success and helps teams collaborate, stay organized and keep themselves up-to-date. By adding Semantic Web technologies to Enterprise 2.0, an even greater value for organizations can be provided - Creating a network of relevant things, flexible data structures as well as system and information integration are just the beginning. 

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