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Refinder and Stanbol Integration Showcase Launched

Today, we are very happy to announce the launch of the Refinder/Stanbol integration showcase.

The Refinder Cloud Search API

Refinder Cloud Search Logo

Today, I'm happy to introduce another fine piece of Refinder technology, which allows any developer to easily add cloud search functionality to his applications: the Refinder Cloud Search API.  

New Refinder Features: Collection Explorer and Shoutbox

We are very happy to release two features today that will greatly simplify the way you share and discover information in Refinder: the Collection Explorer as well as the Shoutbox.

The Collection Explorer

Summer Coding Internship: You, Dropbox, Google+Refinder

You are interested in Dropbox, Google, and the world of cloud apps? You want to contribute to the “next big thing”? We are building Refinder, integrating all these cloud apps. Come and join us for this journey.

Refinder deployment options

As you may know, straight from its beginnings Refinder has been designed as Software-as-a-Service. This means that the software runs, and the user data are stored, on servers managed and operated by Gnowsis. To use Refinder, you just fire up a Web browser, go to, enter your email address and password, and there you go.

What's next in Refinder

A couple of days ago, Franz asked his crystal ball (which, I sometimes suspect, rather looks like this) for predications about how social business will evolve in 2012. I'd like to follow up on that with a short outlook on what the Refinder development team is currently working on, and what we plan to release in the next few months to you, beloved customer.

Socialize your findings!

Socialize your findings!

Chances are high that you have some tool to remember the things you stumble upon, be it blog posts, tweets, news articles, infographics, and more. Having such a tool gives you the confidence that you will be able to retrieve interesting items later when you need to get back to them.

Collections: Collect and Collaborate in Refinder

Collections are Refinder's primary tool for collecting and collaborating information. A collection is a group of things of any kind, from any source, from any user that has access to a collection. Think of it as a folder on your hard disk, but on steroids!

A semantic platform

Recently we at Gnowsis stumbled upon the question, "what is a semantic platform"? This is an interesting question, because the "semantics" term is loaded with so many different interpretations and opinions that it is really hard to give a simple yet precise answer. Anyway, since we believe that with Refinder we are actually building a "semantic platform", we should be able to give an answer to that question. 

Privacy and Security in Refinder

We at Gnowsis understand that your data is a valuable good. Your data may be a critical factor for your business, and you rightfully take care of your private stuff. Certain parts of your data (like emails or business documents) are for sure not to be seen by others, and we respect this. Most importantly, your data will not be visible to any other user.

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