Basecamp, Box, SkyDrive work together with Refinder

We are happy to announce that we have just added 3 new integrations to Refinder. Now you can also connect your Basecamp classic, Box or SkyDrive account. This works for Refinder Cloud Search or for Refinder for Teams.

Users of Refinder like you already love to use Dropbox, Evernote or GoogleDocs and search across these apps. Are you using Basecamp classic, Box or SkyDrive? Now you can search through your notes or documents, find that lost sales presentation in the cloud storage, and all that from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop.
To get started, simply sign up for Refinder Cloud Search. Now connect your Basecamp classic, Box or SkyDrive account (in addition to 9 other cloud apps we support), authenticate with Refinder Cloud Search and Refinder will start to index your cloud files. Search all your favourite cloud apps with one simple tool.
Basecamp is the world's leading web-based project management tool that has been climbing the web since 2004. With more than 6.600 companies starting their projects weekly in this comfortable and easy-to-use tool, it was a logical next step for us to integrate Basecamp into Refinder. Currently we support Basecamp Classic, the new Basecamp will be added soon.
Box is an "online file-sharing and cloud content management service" for entreprise customers. Combining a number of useful features, Box aims to "simplify online storage, replace FTP and connect teams in online workspaces".
If you work with Box with team members, you can easily search across your Box data now with Refinder Cloud Search.
SkyDrive is another great file storage solution by Microsoft. For those of you living primarily in the Microsoft universe, we decided to integrate SkyDrive as well.
If you or your company use Microsoft SkyDrive for file storage, Refinder for Teams will help you to manage your project effectively.
So, we have just given you 3 new reasons to use Refinder to organize and search your cloud apps.