Refinder is giving a talk at the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC)

This week, the International Semantic Web Conference is taking place in Bonn, Germany. As Refinder is a social software build up on the idea of a semantic platform, we are glad to have the opportunity giving a talk at ISWC's "Industry Track".

ISWC is the world's major forum where latest research results and technical innovations in the field of Semantic Technologies are presented. The Industry Track focuses then on the implementation of recent evolutions for a wide audience. It is great to see that Semantic Web Technologies are making their way into business applications helping teams and enterprises dealing with libraries and finding relevant content. 

Refinder- The semantic social productivity tool 

Our CEO Leo Sauermann will introduce Refinder on Tuesday, 25th October between 16:30 and 18:00 p.m.. The talk will give a deeper insight on the technology behind and provide use cases how teams and enterprises can benefit from Refinder.

The talk in a nutshell: Refinder provides a space to collect information from various sources, annotate it, and share it with co-workers. This process has to respect the existing working habits and has to integrate existing applications. By using RDF as data format many data sources can be integrated - for example Microsoft Office, research databases, and web pages. Text analytics and ontologies let users organize this integrated data according to their needs. For example, all information related to a project meeting can be gathered from various sources to be shared with other meeting attendees. A recommender algorithm based on local and Linked Open Data supports users with relevant data when needed. The architecture builds upon the platform-independent “Social Semantic Desktop” standards.

Have a look at all slides:

This year's ISWC offers a great program full of interesting keynotes, workshops, tutorials and side events. For more information visit the ISWC homepage


It is really a great new for businesses that Refinder provides a space to collect information from various sources, annotate it, and share it with co-workers, this will help to increase the productivity and income of both the workers and companies.Meeting would be held like video conferencing where one can share and interact effectively.