Refinder at iKnow and iSemantics

Do you want to know what is going on in the world of knowledge management and semantic technologies? Then come to the international iKNOW and iSemantics conferences. The iKNOW is held concurrently with the iSemantics and both are taking place from 7th to 9th September 2011 in Graz. 

Refinder at iKNOW

For the 11th time, the iKNOW brings together researchers and practitioners from the fields of knowledge management and knowledge techonologies.

You have the chance to meet the Refinder team on Thursday and Friday during our talks within the iPraxis section:

  • Thursday (08.09.2011), 14:45 in room 11B - CEO Leo Sauermann will present how knowledge technologies and the Semantic Web can be implemented into market ready systems and introduces Refinder as a next-generation tool for knowledge workers. 


  • Friday (09.09.2011), 11:00 in room 11B - CTO Bernhard Schandl will talk about the LASSO project, a cooperation to improve personal knowledge managemet, document management and creativity techniques. The talks is given togehter with Thomas Schandl (Semantic Web Company) and Stefan Wunder (Neurovation). 

Collect the words and get access to valuable Enterprise Social Software reports

Our representatives Leo and Bernhard will hand out 3 different flyers, each presenting 1 keyword. When you collect all 3 keywords (maybe you will have to collaborate and talk to some other people to get them), you can get access to our Collection of relevant Enterprise Social Software reports. 

For this contact our representatives or write us at


The iSemantics conference brings together more than 400 participants from the area of semantic technologies and the Semantic Web. You can find here focused scientific talks as well as practical workshops and connect with the network of world-class experts. 

The combination of iKNOW and iSemantics brings together two affiliated communities and lets them profit from each other.


Download the program here: