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Today, I'm happy to introduce another fine piece of Refinder technology, which allows any developer to easily add cloud search functionality to his applications: the Refinder Cloud Search API.  

App-ocalypse on Techcrunch

Sarah Perez from Techcrunch was right to complain about the state of the mobile apps world. We are getting to our limit when downloading more apps to our mobile phones. Most of these apps are not used regularly. Moreover, we cannot find the information we need.


Meet: The New, Simplified Cloud App Search

Search all your Twitter, Evernote, or Dropbox content faster than ever before.

With Refinder's full text search engine it is easier than ever to find your documents in the cloud. We are all using more and more cloud apps: Evernote together with a colleague, Dropbox for a project, GoogleDocs for yet another project. How do you find what you have stored?

Search is more important than apps

thinkinsights beta with Google

Smartphones are about apps, right? However, Google says that users value searching more than apps (Mobile Movement Study).

Here comes the data:

“Smartphones serve as pocket PCs and extend desktop experience.”
Source: think insights with Google

New Feature: Mail things to your Refinder collections

We are happy to present a new feature: Now you can send emails directly to your collections. Each  collection gets a unique e-mail address. Send and import mails you want to share into your collection. Attachment, e-mail communication, bookmarks? All can be sent via mail.

This has been on your wishlist for longer and we took care to make it convenient and simple to use.

Here's how it works

1. Go to a Refinder collection.

Webinar "Teamwork with Evernote and Refinder" online

Dear users of Refinder, 

we are happy to announce that our Webinar from last Tuesday can now also be seen online. 

For all those that could not make it to the Webinar or missed it for some reason, you can find the video as an upload now on our YouTube Channel
The Webinar title was "Teamwork with Evernote and Refinder."
You can watch the webinar here:


Monochrom - Cloud Heroes in Soviet Unterzögersdorf

Monochrom is the big winner of the Refinder Cloud Hero Contest. Monochrom is an international group of artists, founded in 1993 in Vienna. They use Refinder to share production data within their team. Currently they are running a kickstarter campaign to fund Sierra Zulu, you can donate until 30th July to support their movie. 

The Winner of the Cloud Hero Contest!

To recap, in early June we announced our "Cloud Hero Contest" to hear the most inspiring success story of Refinder users. The greatest Cloud Hero is awarded with a GoPro HD HERO2 Camera. We wanted to hear your company's mission, what problems you had had with cloud applications, and how Refinder has helped you solve these problems. 

Online Project Management with Refinder

Projects have their own life. Typically, a project is born and started to launch a new business or develop something great. A team of experts is gathered, and they take responsibilities. An objective is set, divided into tasks and milestones, delegated to team members - who are doing the job. Each expert contributes data from their Evernote and Dropbox accounts into the project. Once running, a project develops a life of its own. Refinder is here to manage the life of a project.

Webinar: Teamwork with Refinder and Evernote

Live Webinar: 17.7.2012, 16:00 (Berlin Time)

"Teamwork with Refinder and Evernote"
with Chris Brand

Are you using Evernote to build an information treasure? Have notes or notebooks on Evernote you want to share with your team members and bring into a project? Join this free webinar to learn exactly how.

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